Preparing for a mortgage can be a bit of a daunting task for someone who has never pursued a home loan. First-time buyers often feel overwhelmed in the process because they have not properly prepared and do not know what to expect. Ideally, one should begin preparing a few months before they attempt to apply for the so they are less likely to be turned down or offered only high-interest rates. With this information, mortgage loans will be much easier to obtain.

One of the most important steps a person will need to take when preparing for a mortgage is to make sure their credit score is where it should be. A person needs to make sure their credit score is as high as possible so they can be given the best interest rates available. Ideally, one should carefully review their credit report to ensure there are no errors that need to be removed. According to the Federal Trade Commission, at least one in five people have errors on their credit reports. Even a simple error can cause a person’s score to drop immensely. Lowered scores lead to unfavorable mortgage loan terms.

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It is crucial one has a steady income and has been at their current job for at least a year or more. Mortgage lenders want to be sure a borrower will have no trouble repaying the money they are being lent. A borrower needs to also make sure they have money in a bank account that is firmly established and they are prepared to put down at least twenty percent for their home purchase.

Once a person is ready to begin the home buying process, it is important they seek pre-approval so they are able to lock in their offered loan rate and know exactly how much they have been approved for before they begin home shopping. This prevents issues such as finding a home one loves and then not being able to get a mortgage amount high enough to pay for it. The pre-approval process is fairly easy to go through and can save time and aggravation later in the process.

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